2013 Breastfeeding Calendar

Black & White Calendar featuring 12 moms and their
inspirational quotes about breastfeeding.
DSC_8495 (1)-001Full Color Calendar featuring collages of many
mothers and babies.
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Crowning Lotus bEARTH Doula Services is proud to announce that our very own, Juliea Paige bEARTH Doula, has put together a breastfeeding calendar for 2013 as a way to promote change in the current culture's view on breastfeeding and breastfeeding in public. This calendar will serve as a year long reminder that breastfeeding is normal, natural, healthy and beautiful!

We have put out a call for mothers in the West Michigan area (with an overwhelming response) to have their photos taken with their nurslings to display a beautiful variety of mothers and children, the different styles, locations, ages and stages of breastfeeding in everyday life. Our goal is to share the photos and stories of these women to help normalize breastfeeding and create a realistic understanding of what it is really like and why we choose to do it - wherever we are. We hope that it will encourage moms on their journey, give them strength and hope as well as be a bold statement in the face of a culture misguided about what breastfeeding is and why it is so valuable to both mom and baby. 

We want to show the world why we are so proud of breastfeeding - to see the struggle some of us go through - the healing that it may have brought us, inside and out - how it kept our baby alive and healthy - how being able to provide our babies with the most perfect nutrition for them isn't something we should feel ashamed of or hide. As a matter of fact, we believe that people benefit from witnessing breastfeeding, that when it is seen and accepted, women are more likely to do it and succeed at it.

We were blown away by many of the stories that these mothers have to tell. We featured a few of them on our site (listed below) - and were inspired to potentially do a book soon as well. We hope that these photos and stories will inspire you, inform you and encourage you to feel proud to display these calendars in your home or office.

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  1. How do I view each of the pictures and quotes? I would like to hang these in a Women's Medical Clinic and I need to preview. Please advise.