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Free 2 Feed GR is an exciting, meaningful new way to promote your business and directly connect you with potential clients while making a real difference within the Grand Rapids community. 

Free2 Feed GR's Mission Statement:
Free2Feed GR's goal is to connect nursing mothers with a directory of businesses who will respect and protect her right to nurture her child on demand. To create a community the supports breastfeeding, making Grand Rapids the first official Free 2 Feed city in the world!

What is a Free 2 Feed GR Location?
A Free 2 Feed GR location is part of a growing network of businesses that supports the Free2Feed initiative by supporting mothers who breastfeed in public. A Free2Feed location also accommodates it's breastfeeding employees, according to but not limited by federal law. 

Why is joining Free2FeedGR good for business?

Mothers make up a large portion of our population and more babies are being born all the time. Being a new mom can be challenging and many new mothers feel overwhelmed with the idea of leaving their house with their new baby - especially if they are breastfeeding mothers. Some avoid it all together for fear of being unable to find a safe, friendly environment to feed her child in if and when it becomes necessary. 

We believe Grand Rapids is full of businesses that support a nursing mothers right to feed her child while feeling safe and respected.  We've all seen "Free To Feed" stickers in various locations all over town, unfortunately, because there is no current online database of these locations, someone would already need to be at your doorstep to know that your business is "Free To Feed" in. The Free2FeedGR database is the first of it's kind and has the potential to go global, creating a ripple of supportive environments and help for nursing mothers. Together, by connecting your local business with new customers and simultaneously giving families the opportunity to enjoy those services, we are establishing the building blocks for change. It starts right here - right now - with US.

As a Free2FeedGR establishment you will receive:
  • Exclusive listing in the Free2FeedGR Directory, including all of your business contact information, a summary of services. 
  • Endless promotion of the directory by the Free2FeedGR Team through advertising, community events & programs. 
  • Featured interview and spotlight on you and your business. 
  • Fans are able to leave feedback and stories, giving validity and appeal to your business.
  • Featured & promoted business on the Free2FeedGR Facebook page.
  • Increased customer loyalty and word of mouth promotion within the community.
  • Companies with support programs often receive recognition and media attention, a positive company image boost and community good will. 
  • Free2FeedGR provides help in creating company policies which uphold the laws that are currently in place regarding public nursing as well as basic etiquette that makes supporting the nursing mother easy. This is important in avoiding embarrassing misunderstandings between customers and employees which tend to result in negative press and nurse-ins.  
  • Free2FeedGR keeps you fully updated and informed on any changing laws regarding public breastfeeding.
  • A window cling and/or certificate with our logo to display, letting customers know that they are in an OFFICIAL Free2FeedGR location.
Benefits of Being a Free2FeedGR Employer:
  • Loyal employees and improved morale.
  • Less sick time taken to care for infants.
  • Lowered and insurance costs.
  • Improved productivity.
Why is Free2FeedGR is important for our community?

There have been numerous stories from across the country and locally of breastfeeding mothers being asked to feed their children in restrooms, or even to leave establishments with their nursing babies. Mothers need and deserve a safe and encouraging environment within her community, and by providing this, the future mothers within that community are more likely to nurse successfully. Free2FeedGR is helping businesses create a breastfeeding policy by updating employees of current laws and policies.
  • Even though 81% of mothers try to breastfeed, by 6 months only 25%  are still breastfeeding exclusively (without formula supplementation). Research shows that this is mainly due to a lack of support at home, work and within the community. (
  • Breastfeeding is important to the health of the baby who are less likely to suffer from infections, allergies, diabetes, and obesity. 
  • Breastfeeding is also important to the health of the mother as they are at less risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Normalizing breastfeeding in public will help nursing moms feel like a normal and welcomed part of society.
Criteria Of A Free2Feed Establishment
  • The annual Free2FeedGR enrollment fee is $100.00. A portion of this is set aside as a fund for mothers who need lactation education & support. 
  • Breastfeeding is considered acceptable in all areas of the establishment that are open to the public and mothers will not be asked to move to a different spot or be asked to leave. 
  • All staff members are up to date on current breastfeeding laws, and Free2FeedGR material is posted.
  • Display the provided Free2FeedGR logo or certificate. 
  • Breastfeeding employees are given adequate time and facility, other than a restroom, to pump as needed for her child.  
But, We Already Have A "Free To Feed" Sticker In Our Window....

We think it is wonderful that there your businesses is already interested in showing their support for breastfeeding moms by having a "Free To Feed" sticker in your businesses window. However, the only people who know that you are a Free To Feed establishment are your current customer base (and, that's if they happen to see the sticker). 

The question is, how is a mother who has never heard of your business able to connect with you AS a Free To Feed location? Through! We provide a service to nursing mothers through promoting businesses where they are Free To Feed - through this we are simultaneously providing a service to these businesses through our promotion of their location. Our goal is to get new customers through your doors and to raise awareness about your business and it's contribution to our community. Becoming a Free2FeedGR member is a smart advertisement and marketing investment which contributes to a greater cause.

Free2FeedGR Is A Standard. 

Currently there isn't much criteria for a business to display a Free To Feed sticker in their window. This makes it difficult for a mother to gauge the level of knowledge of the staff and policy of the establishment. Every Free2FeedGR establishment must meet specific requirements assuring families that each and every employee is kept up to date on current laws and policies and are prepared to be a part of a supportive environment for them.

$100 Not Currently In Your Budget?

We have a discounted program available for businesses who would like to participate in the Free2FeedGR program but do not have $100 in the budget for advertisement/marketing. For $25.00 we will provide these businesses with the same information and resources as full sponsors, however, they will be listed on a general list of locations rather than be fully featured on the Free2FeedGR Website.

Here's what the mama's are saying:

"I feel like I'm hiding from the public and stuck with the restrooms. It's hard to find stores to BF at, so I love feed2feedGR! I hope it catches on!" - from our Facebook page

"I will always choose to travel to a community where I am accepted, and spend my money at businesses that deserve my patronage. As any breastfeeding mother understands, this is a huge part of our day to day (and minute to minute) life, so why waste time in places we have to think twice about feeding our babes?" Danielle S.

"I have BF in this restaurant several times, and have been fully supported, as well as not had any bad looks, just smiles from patrons who saw my child eating. I even had a child ask her father what I was doing and he kindly said that I was feeding my baby. It has NEVER been uncomfortable feeding my baby in there." - from our Facebook page

"I was nervous. My husband and I had several discussions and have had several discussions with friends. I remember feeling embarrassed. Today I recognize that to be ridiculous." -Rhiannon M.

"My first time publicly nursing was at Festival Of The Arts! I found an empty set of stands and nursed. One lady asked if I could move down and I shot her a look that killed! Such an uncomfortable first time! But, it made the next two babies easy to nurse in public - even while standing in line at Meijer!" Holly W.

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